Redress Legal Expense Insurance

Improve the outcome of your cases with Redress Legal Expense Insurance

How Insurance for Court Awarded Costs Works:

  • Your firm's disbursements and your client's finances are protected.
  • You can more aggressively negotiate on behalf of your clients.
  • There is the potential for larger and more expedient settlements.
  • There is no breach of solicitor-client confidentiality.
  • Your firm never loses control of the case.
  • There is an opportunity to insure and protect all of your current clients.
  • Once enrolled, you will be able to simply and efficiently apply for coverage on new cases.


Frequently asked questions about legal expenses insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions apply to the usual conditions that you would find in an Redress Legal Expense Insurance policy. However, cases can be subject to individual conditions if insurers deem these to be appropriate.