Lawyers who have used the Redress LEI product have recognized the value it adds to their firms.

Tim Wood, Partner at Timothy R. Wood Professional Corporation in Edmonton, AB noted that he was recently involved in a case where the defense took a position that they were going to seek costs from his client. He indicated,

"When I told them the client had insurance, there was no further discussion on the matter."

When discussing the benefits of Redress LEI coverage, Siona Sullivan of Sullivan Injury Law Professional Corporation in St. Catharines, ON advised,

"If I like something and I think it's good for clients I speak up. It's a good product."

Rene Clonfero, of Clonfero Law Firm in Toronto, ON noted that he was able to avoid a security for costs motion by the defence counsel, as they accepted that the client's Redress LEI coverage could satisfy an award for adverse costs.

"Having LEI coverage for this client saved us many hours, and perhaps several days, of work that is essentially unbillable. Glad we jumped on board with the guidance of Lawrence and your group!"

Jackie Halpern, QC, of McLeod Law LLP in Calgary, AB indicated that

"Legal Expense Insurance was the deciding factor in taking one of our personal injury cases to trial. The young Plaintiff would never have been able to accept the risk of going to trial, but having LEI made the difference in allowing us to proceed, and ultimately obtaining a significantly higher judgment than was being offered pre-trial."